Thursday, March 13, 2008

“Open with Notepad” for all file types

In order to add an “Open with Notepad” (or the editor/whatever of your choice) context menu entry under Windows98/2000 for all file types, you’ve got to modify the registry like this:
In the registry key “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\” find the key “shell” or create it if it’s not there yet.

In “shell” create a new key and call it “openwnotepad” or alike. Change its “Default”-string’s value to “Open with Notepad”. This text will be your context menu text. If no default value is set then "openwnotepad" will appear in the context menu.

In “openwnotepad” create a new key, which you have to call “command”. Change its “Default”-string’s value to “C:\Program Files\notepad.exe" "%1″. Instead of notepad.exe you can point to the editor of your choice.

Warning and disclaimer: Meddling with the windows registry can cause a serious mess-up of your system. Doing so and/or using the information provided here is done at your own risk entirely. Don’t blame me.

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